About Us

LhR ~ ‘let her rip’, English American, 1840s onwards. Let her go as she wants. Slang, used by women to indicate their determination to go ahead, regardless.

LhR Press is a commercial, innovative and adventurous Australian publisher of works on Australian themes.

LhR publishes on Indigenous issues, anthropology, photography, Australian culture and heritage, life writing (memoir, biography, family history), commemorative volumes and company histories. For academics we offer stringent editorial advice and refereed publications recognised by those who count. We specialise in small print runs and offer all LhR authors access to careful editing and expert design services.

Founded in 1999, LhR Press - Let her Rip Press - specialises in combining words with images to produce the uniquely designed volumes that have become our hallmark. While many publishers are unwilling to deal with works containing photographs, LhR takes a particular interest in incorporating them into both the text and the overall design structure of the book. LhR designs and produces books for both the pleasure of reading and for the book itself.

LhR has a ‘Specialist Publications’ scheme. We offer special services to authors of books with a limited and specialist readership. Family memoirs, company histories and academic theses requiring small print runs can all benefit from sympathetic editing and design skills offered by a flexible and innovative press. Contact us for more information on how to publish with LhR.

New from LhR Press!

Styx Valley, Tall Tree Christmas card, double DL size. 12 cards for $20.
All proceeds to save the remaining ancient trees from total destruction.

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