We welcome manuscripts from authors proposing to work beyond the restrictions and conventions of most market-driven publishing houses. If you have a manuscript proposal and would like to join with LhR in promoting real books for real readers, contact us. If you have a project that doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else, ‘Let her Rip’!

Ordering from LhR Press
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Unless otherwise stated, postage and packing is charged at a rate of $6.00 for a single book or publication, $10.00 for up to 5 items, free postage/delivery on orders of 10 books or more.

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Editorial advice
If you seek editorial advice on your manuscript, LhR offers a read-and-comment service. For $300 we review your manuscript. You receive a short written report on the structure of the book, narrative flow, consistency and an assessment of writing skills. The report focuses on how to develop your overall ideas.

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